Retail & FMGC

Vehicle Tracking System For Retail GPS-based fleet tracking and monitoring of fleet owners for a wide spread of vehicles which cater to everyday activities and where the main focus areas are the monitoring, configuring and tracking of those vehicles, keeping a rigorous eye on them.

  • Overspeed
  • Halt Report
  • Route Deviation
  • History Report Station wise
  • Graphical Fleet
  • Geo-Fencing in/out
  • SOS Alarm
  • Fleet Summary

Beacon Based Proximity Marketing

Leveraging the potential of Proximity Marketing, the focus is to deliver the right information to the relevant participants at the right time in the right format, unleashing the strength of the mobile marketing strategy and Beacons technology.Since future of mobile marketing relies on proximity marketing to a large extent, our contemporary beacon-based solution for the retail industry leverages the potential of trending technologies like LBS, data collection, Beacon with free access etc.

  • Indoor Navigation
  • Processes Automation & Monitoring
  • BI layer
  • Feasibility study of business ideas
  • Prototype Design/PoC
  • Targeted Marketing & Promotion
  • Continuous Tracking of Persons, Resources & Assets
  • Interactive Tours
  • Backend interface with legacy systems
  • Beacon/iBeacon app design & development


PHI India works on the smart farming concept for the Welfare of the farmers. We provide the internet of things solutions along with artificial intelligence and data science tools for futuristic smart farming.

  • Satellite and weather input based advisory
  • Crop reports & insights – easy reporting on-the-go
  • remote monitoring of farm
  • Remote crop and soil monitoring
  • Automated Sprinkler System
  • Sensor based field and resource mapping
  • Smart pest management


Healthcare Analytics A futuristic solution that caters to a bouquet of analytical healthcare requirements including predictive care, which ensures better care and lower costs. It is all about looking at the future and acting accordingly.

  • Data Management Analytics & BI Reports.
  • rack exercise & weight reduction over a timeline
  • Health-o-meter and dashboard analytics
  • Top weight losers in the team with collective weight index
  • Social sharing and health tips

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data analysis, reporting, and query tools can help business users wade through a sea of data to synthesize valuable information from it—today these tools collectively fall into a category called ‘Business Intelligence.

  • Data Visualization
  • Use of software's in decision making
  • Use of Internet / Web
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis


PHI India makes a variety of student smart cards that can be presented to an authenticating reader and linked via IoT to an access control system. Types of cards include ones for physical access to facilities, photo I.D. (with hologram or UV printing), time and attendance, logical access (to monitor use of electronic data like coursework, e-learning resources, printers and Internet), loyalty and membership, payment (for vending machines, printing, photocopying) and health/medical data (blood type, emergency contacts).

  • RFID Tracking and monitoring
  • Auto-generated notifications, SMS, and emails of student arrival and leaving the campus
  • Face recognition system
  • Monitoring of the institution’s transportation system

Supply Chain Management

This dynamic solution is used for management of end-to-end business workflows of shipping and fleet industry. The Custom Fleet ERP solution follows World Wide Alliance (WWA) standards and seamlessly integrates with legacy Warehouse Management Application and Accounting Systems.

  • Flexible reporting system
  • Shipment tracking
  • Cargo planning
  • Barcode / RFID scanning for inventory tracking
  • Exhaustive BI & Analytics dashboard
  • Mobile tracking of orders
  • Auto-generated notifications, SMS, and emails


PHI India designs IoT-enabled advertising machines. These machines can be operated anywhere from the globe. User can also play the advertisement of his choice from a remote location and can also play the different aid at different locations on the display machine

  • Indoor advertising machine
  • Outdoor Advertising machine
  • WiFi / IoT based farming